Was it worth it

Yesterday, yesterday I worked 12 hours. I also got 67 in tips. For a server this sounds like a horrible day, and why did I even work? It would be a nightmare.

But, I am not a server. I would say that I am a sub manager if there is such a thing.  I get paid 15.40 an hour before taxes. In reality, I got 251.4 before taxes. This will provide a nice 150 dollars for my Japan trip.

Was it worth it? My legs, hips and feet hurt.  I got nothing done yesterday besides checking the news. On the flip side, it pushed me not to waste my time today.  I got my safe moved, my bed changed, laundry packed, all the floors washed, and 2 vacuumed.  I even got the required 1/2 of my homework done.

So was it worth it? I would have wasted my time yesterday. Would I have gotten everything done that I did had I not? Who knows. But it’s done and over with, and I can’t change my mind.  Oh yeah, I’m doing it again next Saturday.

Last night I did my homework.  I went through all my debt and found out how much I owed. This was all outside the realm of my student loans.  It hurt. I also realized that I need a game plan for getting rid of the debt.

I am a work in process. I know.

It doesn’t help that I have a trip to Japan planned for late December. More on that later.

For November my debt payoff. I have it set at 1000 for just my consumer debt.

cc 1:   157.56 (will pay it off)
cc 2:   132.44
cc 3:   25
cc 4:   275
cc 5:   100
cc 6:   paid off
cc 7:   paid off
car:    300

So the goal is to put 1000 per month toward debt. I have a nice notebook to keep track.  After I reach a 1000;I will be equally splitting my payments between debt and savings. To start to rebuild my travel fund.

I have been saving for Japan haphazardly for the last year.  I had 1300 in a high-interest savings account. My plane ticket and hostel stay for 9 days 8 nights was 1650.  This included a 80 insurance plan in case war breaks out.  My goal is to take 600 with me, and to spend another 300 on a JR pass. For the record, I don’t have to spend any money on hotels, as it was included in the 1650.  I took 1100 out of the high-interest savings and put it towards the payment.

The other thing that I will be doing is transferring and utilizing 0% transfers to get the debt down quickly. I want to wait until after my Japan trip to do so.  2018 will be dedicated to getting that debt down to zero as quickly as possible, while still saving for futures traveling.


I am tired. I am running at full speed, all day long.  I don’t know how much longer that I can keep this up, but at the end of the day, I love my 90% of the time. I just wish that I had someone to share it with.  Currently I am reading a book about being truthful in all things. On the surface, and if you ask me, I am happy.  I love my life. I have been the happiest I have been in a long time. Things are looking up.

Underneath the surface, I am lonely.  I miss the connection of a boyfriend/best friend. I miss the cuddling, the nights together, the inside jokes. Am I trying to meet guys? Kind of, yes, to a point. I get out of the house more  now than I every have before. That is including the getting out of the house by going to work – I’m not going to work, I’m going to events, and things. I’m still lonely.

I am reminded of the Sex and the City episode in which Charlotte and Carrie go to a self-help session in which Carrie defends Charlotte about what is she really doing to make her self available. What am I doing to make myself available? I go to the gym twice a week, I volunteer – granted it’s in a teen space, I go to a wine bar, I try and meet my roommate out every other week to do something. Granted, I am habitual in my ways. I am trying. No, I don’t want to date someone I work with.  I think it’s a bad idea.

Oh, online dating. Thanks. I’m on two sites. My last date, I wasn’t attracted the person and they gave me a diatribe about the science fiction series that they were reading as if I knew what they were talking about.  I didn’t. I couldn’t finish my burning hot americano fast enough.

I have tried to go out with others, only for it to go down in a blaze of glory. I’m over it.

Oh boy.

So I thought that I would be writing more. Sadly, I have been not. I apologize. I want to. I really do. But sadly, it’s not a top priority for me at this time.

I have had a few interesting perceptions/interactions with guys. 1.) My bartender friend just told me at the ripe age of 22, he no longer wants to sleep with every girl he meets he actually wants to talk with them.   I’m not sure how to process this. Rico Suave, or growing up? 2.) My BFF broke up with his girlfriend of 3.5 years. I don’t know how to help him. Other than to be here to listen. And to be my random self. Sometimes, that’s all they need. 3.)Sometimes just being a distraction is all that some guys want, and they will never act. 4.) some apply investment advise into marriage.  (IE a guy friend married a girl for the long term end results, and not the short term. I don’t know how I feel about this, as he’s not really happy in the short term.)


The other thing that I have realized, is that for the last month, I haven’t had a second bedroom.  I haven’t missed it.  It’s kind of nice to have a roommate. Considering how often I am home. Now, if I could only get rid of some more stuff.


I love my job

I love my job. I’m an admin assist. Nothing about it is exactly hard. It’s just a tough balancing act. You have to appear to be on the ball at all times; while balancing multiple projects and tasks.  So what do I do?  I make power points, or make them flashier, do random assignments, cater meetings, set up meetings, schedule meetings, deal with ordering supplies, arrange travel and transport and anything else my boss wants me to do.

Oh, FYI, I technically have 15 bosses. You read that correct, 15. I have 15 people who can all come to me.  After working here for 5 weeks, I actually had to onboard another consultant. Yup. I was still green in the gill, and I got to introduce our company to them. Guess what? I rocked it out.  Oh yeah.

While I might have 15 reports, I technically, only care about what 4 of them think.  One would be my boss – the guy who pays my salary, my supervisor – the lady that is in charge of developing me, my budget supervisor – she isn’t my supervisor because she doesn’t have time to develop me, I’m working on this, I want her to be my mentor. She rocks. And the director of one of the departments I work for.  I pay every single bill for his department. It takes a lot of organization to keep those straight.

I love my job. I come home every day happy, I might be exhausted from running around with my head cut off, but I can say with 100% I love what I do, and who I work for.  Granted, I may not like some of the people, but you’ll have that. I can avoid them for the most part.

One of the great parts of my job, besides the paycheck – I get to order food. And those days that I order food, everyone tells me that I should eat with them for lunch. Or to take a plate and eat.  Seriously. Granted, I don’t cater meetings every day or week, but when I do, I score a free meal.  I can’t complain. It saves me money in the long haul. It’s even better when I get to plan the meal and I choose what I think sounds good.

For the longest time, I always thought that being an admin assist would be a cool job. One that I would never have. I didn’t have the qualifications, or the connections to get the gig in today’s connected world.  But, guess what. I am an admin assistant.  It is everything I thought and more. It’s fun to hear people say who great I am, and how they could never do my job. If they only knew.

I get to socialize a lot (hey, it’s networking.) I get to see things through to fruition, I get to be a part of different projects, I get to learn from some of the best and see and understand why things are done the way that they are.  I actually had a lesson on business acquisitions from the COO of our company.  Yes, he actually took time out of his schedule to explain the concept of the 100 days.  I get to learn – a ton.

Now on to my nightly routine. Face, reading and bed. Good night.  In case you were wondering – life is a 10.

<3 Life


I’m back

I wrote this once. And then didn’t save the draft.  Least to say, I’ve had some issues with writers block.  I really wish that I had that draft. It was a lot of work. It was beautiful.

But in the gist – I’m back.

I’ve got my bills paid. Not sure how it happened but they are.  That’s a good thing.  I’m still at the new job and loving it.   The money situation is great. I’m paying bills, and making a dent. My rent is now 175.  I’m having to come up with new schemes to ensure everything gets done.

Boys. Boys are always a problem. Partially, because I always compare guys to Vegas. On the plus, I un-friended Vegas on FB. I needed to. I miss him terribly. I just want one of his hugs. But I know I can’t have what I want. I think that fact that I am powerless over it, makes me the frustrated the most. I don’t like not being able to get what I want.

I should have 3 different dates in the next week or two.

I’ve met up and gotten to be friends with one of my cousins. Hence, I’m drinking way too much beer. I’m getting fit.  I feel better about myself and my body. I am working in a trainer.

I’m trying to write more. I’m trying to make life more enjoyable. I’m trying to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Peace love and friendship.

Lifes a changing

Life has changed a bunch. It will continue to change. I will officially have a roommate for the first time in over a decade come this weekend.  It also means that my rent will go down to 200.  What? Yes. 200 That is not a joke. That includes electric. Granted, I lose a lot of room; but I gain a roommate, and a dog.

I also bought a 550 dresser. It will be delivered next Wednesday.  It is worth it, as I bought it as an investment that I should have the rest of my life.  I was tempted to spend 200 and get a malamite dresser that would have sufficed, but it was so rickety.

I can’t wait to figure out my budget for next month. I have also managed to get my 401K set up. My paycheck on Friday is 1261.  Not horrible.  Considering I get paid every other Friday.  I will also have a 100 paycheck  coming on Monday.

I am not sure exactly how I am going to pay my bills, or what bills I am going to pay. I still have 3 that need to be paid for the month of August. More than anything because I’m not used to the separate paychecks.  However, the other thing that I have been able to fix is my food shopping issue.  I have stopped buying so much food.  I mean, I don’t eat lunch at home. I purchase it from the cafeteria.  I just need to figure out how to budget 20 a week for lunch.  In reality, it isn’t this much, but I would rather budget high.

I still am thinking about how to do this.  The other thing that I did this week was pay my school tuition. Sadly, I don’t get reimbursed from my work anymore. That means I pay all of it out of pocket. The goal is to sign up for a second class the starting in October. The issue, is that I will need to pay cash for it.  But I would get 125 discount from a grant, meaning I would need to find about 400.  Or I can continue to pay off other debt, and prepare for my Christmas trip.



So yesterday, I talked about my overall expenses.  Here is how they really have changed, day to day.

My gas consumption has skyrocketed. As the amount that I have budgeted has gone from 40 a month to 125 (without any trips.)  On average, I spend approximately 22 a week on gas alone.  I also put approximately 75-80 miles on my car daily, five days a week. I average about 35 miles a gallon, or a gallon one way.   Yes, I drive more, but I also make more. I no longer make random drives as much as I used to.  I get my need for long drives out of the way on my way to/from work. 95% of the drive is interstate. Knock on wood, there has only been one day where I have been late, and I was technically on time.

Food. Taking dating out of the equation, my food habits have changed.  Lets start with Starbucks, aka coffee, the nectar of the gods. I make my coffee in the morning like I always have. I no longer have a Starbucks right outside my office. This has helped my pocket a lot.  Though, honestly, having a job that I love, and am not trying to get a way from also helps a ton on this front.  I only have Starbucks on the weekends now; instead of daily as it was the last few weeks.  At work, we have Kuerig machines. So I purchased a box of k-cups. They work great and tied me over. I’m not sure I want to know how much I am saving on this topic alone. Though last Sunday I did get a breakfast sandwich and a latte – eek.  Lol, it still was nothing compared to what I have spent in the past.  I mean, I spent  8 for breakfast, comparable to 50 in a week. Win in my head.

It has also been a conversion to my food purchasing.  This has been weird to get used to.  I used to have to purchase items for lunch. I would then drive home for lunch every day.  Now, I just utilize the cafeteria.  We have a mediocre lunchroom, but they have great soup. And I am a sucker for soup. 12 oz of soup costs 2.05 plus tax.  Every day they have two options. Buy 9 get your 10th free. So I spend 10 a week on soup most weeks.  I will also get onion rings or an iced tea 2 a week.  The onion rings are a good sized portion and a dollar.  If you get the crappy fries, they’re 2 dollars. I don’t get it. But c’est la vie.  I’m still figuring out what is decent by the catering company and what stinks. Yes, I budget approximately 15-20 a week on lunches.

I realize that I could save 5-10 dollars a week by taking my lunch. Here’s the deal. I don’t have access to a fridge to keep my lunch cool. I don’t have a lunch box, and ice pack.  This is fine by me. Why, I am not a morning person. It takes all I have to get out the door by 7 with coffee and a cut apple.  I would forget at least once a week anyway. Trust me on this. For me, the peace of mind knowing that I can just get a bowl of soup is worth it.  Or if I want I can get a decent(ish) salad for 3.50.

So to all the haters, guess what? I used to eat out 1-2 a week in addition to the 3-4 home-cooked/leftovers. This eating out was approximately 8-19 every week. So, I think that it is a wash. Actually, it’s better than a wash, I don’t have to do the dishes at lunch time.

This has cut down immensely on the amount of food that I need to buy for breakfast/dinner. I am not really a breakfast person. Give me an apple, piece of toast, etc I am happy.  I am learning not to overcook so much again once again in my life.  I was used to cooking for leftovers for lunch the next day.  That doesn’t happen.  The other part is I really don’t like have the same food for 4 meals in a row. I bored easily.  This has been a work in art. I’ve had to throw some food away.  Because it has gone bad before I have ate it, or remembered that it was there.

My clothing budget has gone up. I think that I am done buying clothes for work now.  I have spent approximately 1000 for a new wardrobe. I don’t regret it in the least. Okay, so the credit card bill stinks. But I don’t feel embarrassed by what I wear to work anymore.  I have some variety in my wardrobe. I should be good for a while.

Right now the goal for the next 2 months is to save and pay off some debt.  That will be the focus of the next article.

A month in

It’s been a month, Thursday was my 30 day post-interview. I found the whole deal rather interesting.  What can I bring to the table? Well, I’m really good at organizing and paying bills.  I’m finally getting settled in, understanding the corporate culture, and trying to figure out what rules and policies I have to follow, and how. For the record, they are not like my old job.

I was going to make this 1 long post, but then realized, I didn’t want to write that much.  No one likes to read a novel when they signed up to read a novella.  So tonight, we are going to talk about the changes overall, and whats happened and whats going forward. Next time we will talk about the subject matter and how live has changed exactly in detail.

My first paycheck was in the 700, my second was in the 1300.  The paycheck is delayed a week. Meaning the 1-14th check comes out the 21st. I was used to getting paid the entire month at one time.  So the change is not too horrible.  It is a lot easier to understand how long I have to keep my money without digging into savings.  I think that on this pay schedule I could do a cash diet and have it work.  I tried on the 30 day, and it was just too long.

The first paycheck I had, there were no deductions. The second paycheck had deductions for everything but my 401K. That won’t be finalized until the end of August according to the website. But I have it set so that 20% of my check will be going to retirement.  This is broke down into me saving 14% with a 6% match.  At this point. I have no clue what my paycheck will look like. This is why I am trying to save as much as possible into my bills for next month, and not looking into savings/acorns, etc.

How have my finances changed? Well, I am allowed to have pink highlights. I am in heaven. I spent 220 on my hair. Technically, I spent, 220 on a cut, highlight, waxing, deep condition, dry shampoo and tip.  I love it.  It most likely won’t be this way all the time. (I hope not, and don’t foresee it happening this way.)

On to the items that happen way more often.  I have only work 1-four hour shift at the side job for 40 bones.  The is not even worth really bragging about.  But between the first two paychecks, and some already in savings, I had 2000 for my bills for August.  I transferred money Saturday and paid my August bills for the most part. I didn’t do anything for savings, or normal activities.  I really just wanted to have my debts paid.  I still have 120 in my bill account.  I will be paid again this coming Friday.  I am going to move 90% of it to bills to be paid.  My goals going forward is to have 2000 by the first of the month. Fingers crossed. This would allow for the majority of the categories in my budget to be paid.  Once I get my chase paid off, I am going to be rebalancing my budget based on the 2000 month salary. Though, I am hoping that I will be getting paid more than this every month.

Great news! I paid off my Apple credit card. YEAH!!  This means that my Apple, AA, AE and Visa are all paid off. (Or have been zeroed out but have minimal debt.) I just have a balance on Chase, AmEx and Discover.  The Chase will be paid off next month.  There is a balance of 120.  The AmEx is sitting with a balance of 1500, and the Discover is still over 13k.

On the flip side. I have a tuition bill of 950 to be paid next month. This doesn’t include the 2 books that I need to purchase. I could drop 1 of the classes. I am just not sure.  This would save me about 500.   I’m at a crossroads of what to do. I have about 15 days to figure it out. Each book for both classes runs about 175 new.  I might be able to rent them, but I don’t know.

The other thing about the month of August is that I have 2 trips planned. Each to see family in different parts of the world.  They should run about 75 each.  50 for gas, 25 for incidentals, if that.   I should also go on a few more dates, but realistically, I don’t see any guys in my future right now. I’m okay with that, I think.  I know I’m okay with not having ones that I not sure I even like in my life.


First (new) Paycheck

I got paid for the first time of the new gig on Friday.   I didn’t have any of the deductions that I will have going forward, as nothing had processed in terms of 401 (k), medical, parking, etc.  (Sadly, just the taxes.)

For one week of work I had tax home pay of 760.  The first thing that went through my mind was spend!, pay off credit cards! I mean, I got paid for the entire month of June from my old job that paid all my bills for July.  So, theoretically, wouldn’t that mean that the money that I made the last week of June from the new job be fun spending money?

In reality, I kept 100 for spending on random items (food, household, fun, birthday presents, laundry.)  Basically everything that I had budgeted for already.  Then I put the other 660 into a savings account.  I then started an excel file that outlines all my bills and these different lines are fake “sub accounts” that I can use to make sure that I have enough to pay for the next month.

I figured that this was the safe way to go since I am not too comfortable with the way that I get paid currently.  There are still a lot of unknowns.  So while, I should be putting it towards credit cards, I want to make sure that I can survive and pay all my bills.  I currently haven’t been working at the side job.  I can always go back and fill in if I want to, but I am learning to live without it.  Though I am not always sure what to do without all the free time.  Least to say, I have been binge watching TV.